Now available to retail traders: The trading systems previously
leased exclusively to institutional clients.
Emilio Tomasini University of Bologna Università di Bologna
We've taken a bold step, unveiling an offering that was once exclusive to institutional clients and professional traders: leasing our top-tier trading systems.

For over three decades, Dr. Emilio Tomasini, Adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Bologna, has been at the forefront of seeking out the most potent trading systems for equities, futures, ETFs, bonds, and investment funds. On this platform, we're showcasing the results of two distinct intraday trading systems, each boasting unparalleled features in the financial sector. An intraday system like 'Stability' requires no optimization, while another named 'Older' has consistently delivered on the e-mini SP500 futures for over two decades.

Few systems can attest to such unique characteristics. Our business ethos remains straightforward: we prioritize quality over quantity, steering clear of offering a myriad of systems akin to collecting trading cards. The harsh truth is that high-caliber trading systems are scarce, and the plethora of market offerings can sometimes lead investors astray.
Most Sold ! Trading Systems "OLDER"
For professional traders: "STABILITY"
For those inclined to lease the Stability trading systems under closed-code provisions, the economic conditions are as follows:

Installation Fee: $380
Recurring monthly fee: $95 via credit card recurring payments, irrespective of performance.
For a higher number of contracts the terms are negotiable, though we recommend starting with a single contract in total.
If you are keen on leasing the Older trading systems on a closed-code basis, here are the rental financial terms:

Setup fee: $380
One of the best books ever
 written on trading systems
An interview that in 2006 greatly contributed to the rise of quantitative trading in Europe
Download the interview and you will receive also in the following days all the columns Dr. Emilio Tomasini wrote for Traders’ Magazine … a melting pot of trading ideas you can easily exploit. Enjoy !
Dr. Emilio Tomasini is an Adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Bologna and stands as a pivotal figure in the global technical analysis domain.

He regularly contributes to the "Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities," a premier technical analysis journal with a readership exceeding 1,300,000 spanning over 180 countries. Further details can be found at

Together with Urban Jaekle, Dr. Tomasini authored the acclaimed book on trading system development, "Trading Systems: A New Approach to System Development and Portfolio Optimization," published by Harriman, London, in 2019.

This seminal work has been translated into Chinese, with copyrights acquired in India and Australia. The book has now reached its second edition and maintains an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon.
Dr. Emilio Tomasini: Who We Are
Dr. Marco Cavallari earned his degree in Business Economics from the University of Bologna. As a seasoned programmer specialized in the financial sector, he possesses expertise in trading systems development, particularly with platforms such as Multicharts and Tradestation.

Additionally, he is adept in database management using Python and R. Since 2021. Dr. Cavallari has spearheaded quantitative research at Independent Media SRL.
"My friend Emilio Tomasini is perhaps one of the most capable quantitative traders I have met in my career..."

John Najarian, US trader co-founder of Market Rebellion and contributor to CNBC's Fast Money programme
"I met Emilio Tomasini more than 20 years ago and since then I have respected him as a trader and trainer because he combines excellent technical expertise with deep professionalism."

Dan Gramza, world-renowned US trader
"Emilio Tomasini is one of the most lucid minds in our industry internationally. There are few fellow traders in the world that I listen to as attentively as him.... "

Dave Landry, world-renowned US trader
"Emilio Tomasini is an international trading and training bomber. His enthusiasm is contagious and it is impressive to see his achievements as a trainer and trader especially in the field of ranking and algorithmic trading: if you want to condense an entire market into a few lines of a ranking he is the man for the job."

Rakesh Shah, London Trader
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